Let's be blunt

Your website doesn't do this

Let's be blunt

Your website doesn't do this

Let's be blunt

Your website doesn't do this

Terpli Features

Yes, it does that. And more.

The Big Idea

Quiz Experience

Customer’s don’t have to pick “indica” or “sativa”—they can simply say what kind of experience they want to have. They have a new way to discover products that they wouldn’t have risked buying otherwise.


Harness the power of authentic customer reviews to make informed decisions. Our platform enables businesses to gather reliable feedback and insights on various cannabis strains and products, helping them enhance their offerings based on customer experiences.

AI Recommendations

Drive customer engagement and satisfaction with our AI-powered cannabis recommendation engine. Tailored to individual preferences and leveraging customer reviews and product lab tests, our solution helps businesses deliver personalized product suggestions that exceed customer expectations.

Premium Add-Ons


Customize and brand the Terpli experience as your own, providing a seamless and consistent experience to showcase your unique brand identity.


Terpli Plugin Overlay

Terpli sits on top of your existing website and menu pages as a small icon that customers can interact with - without interrupting their shopping experience if they don’t.

Full-page embedded e-quiz experience

Terpli exists within a unique URL for a more immersive take-over experience. This full-page embed also serves as a landing page for re-engagement through co-marketing, outreach, and QR codes.

Pop-ups and Banners

Terpli can engages customers with pop-ups to re-capture idle customers and increase participation.

We roll it, so you don't have to

COA Analysis

Build trust and transparency with our comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (COA) analysis. By providing in-depth information on cannabis product quality, purity, and potency, businesses can assure their customers of the highest standards in the industry.

Customer Education

Customers get transparent access to chemical profiles (terpenes and cannabinoids) to differentiate between products and trust you for their purchase.

Commerce Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Terpli with your existing point-of-sale and ecommerce platforms to streamline your operations.

Loyalty Integrations

Strengthen customer value through integrations with existing loyalty programs & provide exclusive rewards and incentives, fostering long-term customer relationships and driving repeat business.

Co-Marketing and QR Codes

Terpli offers co-marketing through collaborative social media posts, flyers, and QR codes to attract, delight, and re-engage customers into this conversion funnel.

Let's get in touch.

Let's get in touch.